Administrative and Training Support for Karamea Community Incorporated

Organisation or Group Requesting Funds: 
Karamea Community Incorporated
Contact Person: 
Brian Corner
Email Address: 
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What do you want funding for?: 
Karamea Community Incorporated (KCI) is requesting funding to support its activities in its dual roles of fundholder and leadership group for the Community-led Development Programme (CLDP) partnership between the Karamea community and the Department of Internal Affairs. Accepting responsibility for both roles has brought a significant increase in activity for KCI, and will continue to do so throughout the CLDP partnership. In order to meet these demands, we are requesting support for routine administrative costs that have outgrown our existing budget since the advent of the CLDP. We also request support to enable KCI Committee members and members from the broader Karamea community to attend relevant trainings and workshops in order to build our capacity to deliver on the promise of the CLDP. In addition, we seek support to enable us to migrate our community website to a new hosting service that will give us broader and more secure access to the site. This is a prerequisite to our plans to redevelop the site to better serve our current and future needs, and to showcase the outcomes from the CLDP. Site redevelopment will be the subject of a future application.
How does this relate to our community plan?: 
Without a strong and functional organisation to underpin the plan, the community plan will likely founder, or at the very least, not be executed as efficiently.
What is the start date / what is the end date?: 
01.04.2018 - 31.03.2019
Where will the benefit of this grant request be realised?: 
Karamea, Little Wanganui
What are the expected benefits/outcomes?: 
By developing skills within KCI, and by making sure that KCI Committee members are adequately resourced to perform their duties, we expect KCI to be able to improve cohesion and communication within the community, and succeed in promoting a broader set of outcomes from the CLDP.
Briefly describe your project or planned activities: 
Karamea Community Incorporated (KCI) serves dual roles of fundholder and leadership group for the Community-led Development Programme. More broadly, we operate with these objectives: To undertake activities that enhance Karamea as an hospitable, safe, and productive community where members of the community can live, share, play, celebrate, prosper and welcome others. To facilitate funding initiatives for projects that benefit the Karamea community in consultation with community members. To coordinate activities that will enhance the prosperity and wellbeing of the Karamea community. To encourage long term sustainable strategic planning in partnership with agencies in Karamea and elsewhere to obtain a focused balance between community, business, visitor and hospitality. To encourage and support good environmental policies and practice in acknowledgment of the importance of the natural environment in our region.
How will you show you have achieved it?: 
Indicators will include the emergence of new leaders within the community as a result of the investment in training and workshops; reduced turnover of KCI Committee members due to adequate resources being made available; increased presence of content relating to the CLDP in traditional and social media; emergence and cultivation of new projects from within the community to the point where they can apply for CLDP investment; and successful migration of the community website to an accessible server.
Select the ethnic groups or communities which will benefit from your activities or project: 
What is the total grant you are requesting, exclusive of GST?: 
Amount Awarded: 

Karamea community members are invited to leave comments in support (or otherwise) of this proposed community-led development project. Comments will be visible to all. Please be aware that your comment may factor into Department of Internal Affairs decision-making regarding support for the project. We ask that you provide your real name on your comment, so that other community members may follow up with you, if needed. If you prefer, you may email the Karamea Community Incorporated secretary KarameaCIatGMail [dot] com with your comment, and they will post your comment on your behalf.

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