Community Consultation Group Formed

Karamea: A Town and Country Plan

An urban design project for our community


A community consultation group comprising representatives from different sectors of the community has been formed and recently had their first meeting.

The members of the Group are:

Lil Chambers

Brian Jones

Johnny Exton

Britney Heal

Sheryl Rhind

Asha Eggers

Steve Miller

Paul Murray

Peter Currie

Cathy Sampson

Hanne Nielsen

Hamish Macbeth

Annabel Taylor

Margaret Mackley


The coordinators of the group are:

Carrynne Scarlett

Clive Hellyar

The objective for   this group is to develop input for the Buller District Council Long Term Plan   (LTP) which reflects the prioritised wishes of the community and which   encompasses all aspects of the community and the environment within which it   exists as it relates to the LTP.

The first meeting   was held on Tuesday 24 June and a wide range of topics were canvassed based   on the following questions like:

  •   Where do you think the hub of the community is?
  •   What is missing from our community?
  •   What are our strengths?
  •   What are our weaknesses?
  •   What future challenges should we be preparing   for?

A large number of issues were identified - too many to detail in   this article. Some of them were outside the ambit of the LTP review process   but these have been recorded for further consideration over time and as the   processes we are following rolls out.


Examples of the type of subject which came up are:

  •   the importance of the natural   environment
  •   The aging demographic and the   absence of young people
  •   lack of cohesion and direction
  •   Lack of good broadband and   cell phone coverage
  •   Better use of existing   facilities
  •   Infrastructure improvements   (for example walking and cycling)
  •   The lack of employment   opportunities
  •   And many, many   more.....................


Another objective is   to ensure that all community initiatives are coordinated and integrated   together

The group will discuss the outcomes of our meetings with others in   the community and that feedback will be incorporated into the plan   development process. From this Carrynne and Clive will develop a brief for   the community.


Our objective is to have a draft proposal ready in time for   submission to the Council meeting in Karamea on 23 July (which means getting   it to the Council by 16 July). This draft proposal will be clearly identified   as not having sign off by the community. Presentation of the brief at a   public meeting to start that community consensus process is planned for some   time in August.


If you have any queries or comments you would like to see   incorporated into this process please contact any of the group named above or   either of the coordinators (for whom email is best)


Carrynne Scarlett

carrynneatxtra [dot] co [dot] nz


Clive Hellyar

clivehellyaratxtra [dot] co [dot] nz (clivehellyaratxtra [dot] co [dot] nz)


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