Karamea Community Incorporated (KCI) Update - 20 Sep. 2016

The Committee have signed of the Strategic Plan for KCI. The first aspect of the Plan is that all initiatives must comply with the 5 Themes from the Community Survey:

1. Improve walking and cycling opportunities
2. Community Hub in Market Cross
3. Priority for natural environment
4. Improve communication
5. Economic development

The second requirement is that there must be compliance with the Objectives:

1. A hospitable, safe, and productive community
2. Facilitate funding initiatives  
3. Enhance prosperity and wellbeing of the Karamea
4. Long term sustainable strategic planning  
5. Good environmental policies and practice

The Plan then identifies the 4 Projects which will be taken forward:

Karamea Town and Country Plan
The Town and Country Plan is the Concept Plan looking at developing Market Cross.

Riparian Planting Project (Clean Streams Karamea)
Clean Streams Karamea is a riparian planting programme which includes a plant nursery.

Economic Development (Visitors)
The Visitor Plan will be structured around the West Coast Growth Study just announced by the Government which is already partly underway – for example the following is the new branding for the Coast:

Community Website
The Community website Plan will review the current website and identify improvements.

Each of these Plans will have a Project Team and a coordinator. These Teams are currently being formed and will not be limited to Committee members – in fact we would like to see involvement from anyone in the community who wants to play a part in developing a strong future for Karamea.

All of these projects will have action plans – these are currently being developed and will be made available for community input over the next few weeks.

In the meantime if you would like to participate as a member of any of these project teams please contact Clive Hellyar at clivehellyaratxtra [dot] co [dot] nz

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