KCI Meeting - 10 April 2017

Minutes of Karamea Community Incorporated Meeting
Karamea Community Centre (RSA) 10 April 2017, at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Brian J, Cheryl R, Paul M, Peter M, Hanne N, Radek P, Clive H and Brian Corner

Apologies: Emily Miazga, Martin Hill (Seddon Ward Councillors) and Raramai A.

1. Whakatauākī
Peter offered the following:

Ma whero ma pango ka oti ai te mahi
With red and black the work will be complete.

2. Community Led Development Programme (CLDP)

This item was bought forward on the agenda because Clive had just received notification that our Request for Partnership with Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) had been approved by the Wellington DIA Panel Karamea is one of only five communities which has been approved under this national programme a significant development for Karamea and KCI.

Details of the partnership arrangement are to be discussed with DIA a meeting will be initiated by them to start this process date(s) to be advised.

Paul will prepare a draft media statement for release to national and local media.

(Note - post the meeting DIA requested that we defer releasing any media statement pending an official announcement.)

2. Action items

Updated action item list below - items from previous minutes deleted have been completed.

KCDC funds
Peter has a meeting with representatives of the organisation (no longer operating) to discuss possible transfer of remaining KCDC funds on 29 April.

Community communications
Agreed that the following process to be followed with regard to publication of minutes on the community website:

  •   Minutes to be circulated to members three days after meeting.

  •   Members review to identify if there is any text that in their view should not be published (any “in committee content to be automatically redacted)

  •   Minutes to be published on website 5 days after date of circulation to cttee members.

  •   All Cttee Members to review past minutes for suitability for publication.

With regard to the wider issue of developing more comms connectivity within Karamea – still a work in progress which with a DIA/KCI CLDP relationship will be an area for priority. Brian C and Joelle have met and will continue to work on this.

Public meetings
Timing for AGM is no later than end of October. A mid-year meeting (by which time there should be more clarity around the KCI/DIA CLDP relationship and progress on the Community Building improvement project) should be planned (decision on timing and content at next KCI Cttee meeting).

Council meeting
Peter provided a verbal report on the Council meeting held in Karamea last month. Gary requested an update on KCI
Clive to follow up. Clive will also follow up with an Annual Plan submission on the Zig Zag track maintenance (see below)

3. Treasurer’s Report

Bank balance of $878.00. Sheryl is developing a spreadsheet for the accounts. Brian J moved seconded by Clive that an account for $15.00 for RSA hire be paid. Carried.

4. Membership

Currently 38 members. Need to establish a single membership database preferably held on Cttee only access on community website. Clive to copy his latest spreadsheet to Cheryl and Radek in order to confirm accuracy then develop a process for the database to ensure accuracy and ability to use for communication with members (e.g. newsletters, etc).

5. Projects

Karamea Community Centre (RSA) Building and Landscape upgrade
The next stage is obtaining drawings to a standard which will meet the minimum requirements for a Building Consent. No responses from the Chronicle advertisement for expressions of interest had been received. Nicole Lauenstein, the Christchurch architect who was one of the team of three who produced the Concept Plan has indicated that she is willing to undertake the work. We will also need a clear statement for suppliers from the Council in relation Vision 2010 funding.

This will also involve engaging an engineer for the reports which will be required for plans and for the Building Consent. The question of whether or not a Resource Consent will be required still needs to be resolved with the Council. Clive and Peter will continue their coordination with the Market Cross Community Building Cttee reps on this.

Joelle, Brian C and Clive are working on developing a visual resource to engage the community with this project which will have its first showing at the market day on Saturday 15 April (over Easter). Council draft proposals for the Market Cross intersection (to be in next year’s Council budget) will be included. This will be an example of Community Communications improvement. This resource will be added to as new visuals become available and displayed at future events. page2image24328 page2image24648

Riparian planting
The following is an abbreviated email from Craig:

We are incorporated, and team has it all under control.
I have been in touch with almost all farmers personally, so they all know plants can be grown for them if & when they want them...
Have another site secured for a trial planting after original site fell over.
We have supplied 500 flax seedlings to the school for planting at the Oparara estuary and I will continue to work with the School kids & DOC on this project (with my CSK hat on).
We have lots more flax growing at my place and will continue to grow plants small scale for our trial site. Won't be setting up nursery site until larger numbers
of plants are required.”

Zig Zag track maintenance
Hamish had asked if KCI could pick up this responsibility. Brian K moved, Clive seconded that KCI continue to request funds ($600.00) from the Council and organise a twice yearly maintenance. All agreed. Clive to follow up with Annual Plan submission.

6. General business

The condition of the Kohaihai DOC reserve was raised (post the felling of pine trees and piles of slash left in the area). Paul will talk to Bob Dixon about this and the reinstatement of the Kohaihai Zig Zag track (confusion about track names?) it was agreed that this being the most visited site in the Karamea district there was a need to make improvements (a possible joint KCI/DOC project?).


Next Whakatauākī
Paul M

Next Meeting: Monday 8 May at 7.00 pm

Meeting Closed 8.55 p.m.

 Action items




Whakatauākī for next meeting



Continue liaison on KCDC funds (29 April meeting)



Summary report for distribution to KCI members (ongoing)



Draft guidelines for electronic document storage



Draft media release on CLDP decision



Cttee Members to review past minutes for suitability for publication



Send spreadsheet to Sheryl and Radek for accuracy check



BDC Annual Plan submission on Zig Zag track maintenance



Discuss Kohaihai issues with Bob Dixon


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