KCI Meeting - 17 October 2016

Minutes of Karamea Community Incorporated Meeting
Community Centre 17 October 2016, at 7:00 p.m.

Apologies: Paul, Radek and Craig

Raramai suggested that meetings commence with a whakatauākī or proverb to set the tone for meetings and to focus on the fact that we were all in agreement with the vision of KCI. It was agreed that this would be a good idea – with Cttee members taking turns at contributing - Brian volunteered to come to the next meeting with the first contribution.

Confirmation of Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Hamish had emailed Paul with an alternative wording for the item on disposal of KCBC funds. He read his alternative to the group and it was agreed that this alternative wording could be adopted – moved Hamish, seconded Brian. That wording is:

…… to a “charitable” organisation and what in fact that actually meant, it was decided that the best approach would be to invite the remaining members Ron Miedema, Peter Langford and Harry Heslan) of the KCBL to an informal meeting to discuss possibilities regarding the disbursement of the residual funds to KCI or to other local groups. Hamish particularly mentioned the desire to fund the website and its administration which has not been happening over the recent past.

Moved Clive/Seconded Craig, carried

Matters Arising: No matters arising which were not covered by following agenda items 

Correspondence In/Out: Nothing noted

Chairman’s Report from Peter: Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report from Sheryl:   Bank balance $413.00 with $433.00 to be banked.   Giving us a total of $846.00. This is made up of raffles                    2/9/16 –   152.00

                             16/9/16 –  156.00

                             30/9/16 –   200.00

                             14/10/16 – 203.00

Total from raffles so far $711.00

Rest is membership fees 27 members @ $5.00 each $135.00. Less Clive’s expenses $183.53

Grand Total at present $662.47

Sheryl needed an account for Paul for his costs. An expenses account for Clive’s cost recovery had been submitted. Clive will contact Peter Gibson to send invoices for the Centre hire direct to Sheryl. .Hamish moved and Sheryl seconded that the finance report be accepted and that repayment of any expenses incurred by Paul be approved– carried.

General Business: 

  • Report from Clive: Clive updated members with discussions he has held with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) re signing up with the Department’s Community Led Development Programme (CLDP) which is a newly launched community funding model. Dyan Hansen from DIA wishes to meet with the KCI Cttee and other community organisations in Karamea. Clive will continue to liaise with her.
  • Council Funding offer: Clive agreed to withdraw his request that this Cttee decision be revisited.
  • Tai Poutini West Coast Growth Study: This had been released and identified tourism as a key area for development. Of significance for Karamea is that the Oparara Arches have been identified as one of six Icons for the Coast. A Strategy and Action Plan is now being developed due for public release early in 2107. Clive will continue to liaise on this. 
  • Report from Karamea Community Website subcommittee Radek was not present to provide a report – other members of the group advised that more work was required in areas such as updating the community directory. This group now comprises Hamish, Deborah Wagener, Dave Guppy, Raramai, Brendan and Radek.
  • Clean Streams Karamea: Craig was not present to provide a report – Clive provided a brief update including seeking meetings with Westland Milk Products and the West Coast Regional Council. A meeting had already been held with Development West Coast. Plantings of Harekeke suitable for weaving were discussed – no final decisions had been made as to where on the nursery site they would be planted and work was going on to find suitable candidate plants in the district. 
  • BDC Election 

Agreed that Martin John Hill, Emily Miazga and Bronwyn Anderson should be invited to the next KCI meeting.

  • Hamish resignation Hamish advised that due to personal and other voluntary commitments he had decided to withdraw from the Committee but would continue (with Margaret) to be a member and contribute to the Website project. Consideration will be given to coopting another Cttee member

Next Meeting: Monday 14 November, 2016, at RSA Hall in Karamea at 7:00 p.m. (Note – it was agreed that monthly meetings would be scheduled for the second Monday of the month and continue to be held at 7.00 pm. 

Meeting Closed 8:30 p.m. 

Action items




Coordinate meeting of Foundation project Group



Whakatauākī for next meeting



Ask Peter Gibson to direct invoices for venue hire to Sheryl



Continue liaison on KCDC funds

Hamish and Peter


Invite new Council Ward electees and Bronwyn to next meeting


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