KCI Meeting - 26 June 2017

Karamea Community Incorporated (KCI) Meeting Minutes June 26, 2017

Meeting began 7:00 p.m. (Several people arrived at 7:30 p.m. due to a mix-up in meeting start time)

Apologies: Sheryl Rhind, Raramai Adcock

Present: KCI Members: Radek Pokorny, Peter Moynihan, Clive Hellyar, Paul Murray, Hanne Nielsen, Brian Jones and representatives from the Karamea Community Centre: Peter Gibson, Ian Hedgeman, Karamea Information and Resource Centre Brian Corner and Karamea Community Business Company Peter Langford.

Karamea Community Development Company (KCDC) Funds Dispersal:

Peter Langford reported that numerous applications for the residual funds have been received by KCDC, including requests from: The Karamea Swimming Club, Little Wanagnui Hall Committee, Karamea Estuary Enhancement Project, Clean Streams Karamea, the Karamea Medical Centre and KCI.

KCI agreed to make our application specific to request for money to upgrade the Karamea Community Web site (on the grounds that this would be of benefit to the entire Karamea community) and the receipt of the data projector so that it too could be utilised for community purpose.

Moved Clive Hellyar
Seconded: Brian Jones

KCI Member Newsletter:

It was agreed that a newsletter should be produced to inform members of KCI activities, achievements and future aspirations.

Media Release for Community-led Development Programme (CLDP) association.

KCI agreed to wait for government lead on this and decided that the release already published was sufficient at this time.

Public Release of KCI Records

KCI agreed that committee members would have seven days to review meeting reports and object to any of the content being publicly released, otherwise it would automatically be published on the community Web site for public consumption.

ZIG-Zag Track:

Paul Murray reported correspondence from Department of Conservation (DOC) Kawatiri Head Bob Dickson regarding the proposal that the Karamea community take on the responsibility of the care and maintenance of the Kohaihai Zig-Zag Track.

DOC agreed that a memorandum of understanding (MOU) could be established between DOC and the Karamea community to enable this initiative to proceed.

Paul Murray agreed to contact DOC officer Suvi van Smit to initiate the MOU and enable the proposal to proceed.

"Love Our Town" forum:

Concern was expressed over whether the programme was prospecting territory we had already explored and the possibility that the mother lode of valuable community information had already been extracted.

Another opinion suggested that there may still be some gems and golden opportunities buried among the citizenry and an additional public opportunity to express ideas, information and visions by re-mining the rich seam of public wisdom may produce a valuable yield and prove to be a sound investment.

It was also hoped that participation in the forum may result in a better general understanding of what Community-Led Development is, how the association with the Department of Internal Affairs could be successfully implemented to benefit our community.

KCI agreed to meet with forum facilitator Megan Courtney to discuss progress the group has already made and explore possibilities on how we could work together to build on that foundation, build community unity, improve communication and create momentum for progress, improvement, public motivation, positivity and aspiration to love our region and work together to improve it, realise potentials, cooperate and overcome challenges, barriers and resistance to change.

CLDP Projects:

Discussion on the five main projects; Earning from a Distance/Walking and Cycling/Karamea Long Term Plan/Karamea Brand and Community Communications and how to prioritise and implement the projects highlighted the need for greater understanding of just what these projects entail and how to accomplish them. It was suggested that the "Love Your Town" forum may be utilised to achieve this as well as to increase KCI membership and improve community understanding and support for the group's activities and aspirations.


Buller Community Coordinator Peter Howard offered Karamea a sculpture from the Kawatiri Sculpture Symposium Paul Murray had contacted Karamea Community Arts Council (KCAC) to ask if that group was interested in placing the sculpture in a suitable public location. KCAC declined and discussion ensued as to how KCI could assist. Peter Gibson suggested a suitable location may be at the Domain gates on Waverley Street and agreed to discuss this possibility at the next meeting of the Karamea Domain Board.

Renovation of the Karamea Community Centre (Formerly the RSA):

Discussion on initiating the proposed building renovation work. It was agreed to focus on the building renovations over landscaping with the available funds and that an engineer's report to accurately determine the necessary work be actioned to pave a path for progress.

It was agreed that KCI would register for GST to meet DIA expectations.

Meeting Closed: 9:30 p.m.

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