KCI Meeting - 4 May 2016

Karamea Community Incorporated (KCI)
Interim Committee Meeting:
Community Building (RSA) May 4 2016

Meeting Agenda


  1. Introductions
  2. Governance
    • Committee roles
    • Additional representation (e.g. Little Wanganui)
    • Sub Committees (e.g. Riparian planting)
    • Membership recruitment
    • Strategic Plan
    • Meeting timetable
  3. Status of Concept Plan projects
  4. Community website and communications within the community
  5. General business
  6. Action items

End the evening with celebration and a toast to the future!

Meeting Minutes:


Paul Murray
Raramai Adcock

In Attendance:

Peter Moynihan (Chair)
Clive Hellyar (Secretary)
Brendan O’Dwyer
Sheryl Rhind
Hamish Macbeth
Brian Jones
Radek Pokorny
Hanne Nielsen
Craig Stenhouse

1. Introductions

Peter welcomed everyone to the inaugural meeting of the interim committee. It was noted that the registration of the Constitution had been approved. Members present spoke about their reasons for participating in the management of KCI – all were in alignment with the Objects of the organisation and were positive about the ongoing direction of the group contributing to the future of the Karamea community.

2. Committee roles

Clive will continue to act as Secretary but if someone else is willing to take on that role he will be happy to step down and put more time into fundraising. Sheryl agreed to take on the Treasurer role – moved by Clive and seconded by Brian – carried. Agreed that a bank account should be opened with NBS subject to confirmation that they will provide a no fees account with full electronic banking facilities including electronic signatory authorisations. Clive has requested funds from the Mayoral fund. Sheryl will approach NBS about setting up an account. Signatories for the account will be Peter, Brian and Sheryl.

Craig had been unable to attend the public meeting and was therefore not elected to the Committee but was willing to participate. Moved Clive, seconded Brendan that Craig be appointed to the Committee – carried.

Note: The Constitution restricts Cttee numbers to seven including the offices of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary – My view is that we can continue with our current committee of twelve as we are an interim committee and at the first AGM we can (subject to the will of the members) increase the number to twelve (the Constitution specifically provides for this) – my own view is that 7 is too small and 12 is a manageable number. For discussion at the next meeting.


Discussion on membership was bought forward. It was agreed that as indicated at the public meeting that the membership fee should be $5.00 per adult per annum. Moved by Clive, seconded by Hanne – carried. 

The need to engage as many of the community as possible as members was discussed. It was agreed that a working group comprising Hanne (Coordinator) assisted by Clive and Brendan should be established to take this forward with a discussion paper for the next meeting

Additional representation on the committee was discussed, particularly in relation to Little Wanganui and it was agreed that the July meeting should be held in the Little Wanganui Hall by which time membership application forms and processes should be in place. Clive to organise that meeting for 5 July

3. Sub Committees 

The Constitution provides that” The General Committee may appoint other committees charged with any of the functions and duties it has itself.” One example of a candidate for such a sub-committee is the riparian planting project and there will be other candidate projects for consideration. Craig provided a brief background on the riparian planting initiative acknowledging that a more detailed explanation would be required at some future meeting. 

The Committee agreed to support the concept of being an umbrella organisation for suitable (i.e. compatible with the Objects of the Constitution) projects – each to be assessed on its merits. Examples could be:

  • Waste recycling
  • Riparian planting (water quality improvement)
  • The Community website

- noting that this was not an exclusive list. 

Protocols will need to be developed before any formal decisions are made and Brendan offered to draft a discussion document to address this.

4. Strategic Plan

Will be needed for funding applications and sign off at the first AGM to be held in 2017. A sub-committee comprising Sheryl (coordinator), Peter and Brian will start work on preparing a draft.

5. Meeting timetable

Agreed that meetings would be held on the first Tuesday of every month, commencing at 7.00 pm (time reviewed later for summer hours) and would continue to be held at the Community Building (RSA). It was agreed that a public meeting should be held in October by which time progress on a number of fronts will be made and there will be a membership recruitment opportunity.

6. Status of Concept Plan projects

No decision has been made by the Council on the final Vision 2010 funding allocation – the swimming pool proposal has not been submitted yet. Nevertheless work can proceed on developing an action plan for the Market Cross Hub Concept Plan. The Concept Plan includes a “Where to from here?” page and this can be used as a starting point for discussion at the next meeting. Clive will copy PDFs of the original “Town and Country Plan for our Community” Plan to all Committee members.

7. Communications within and outside the community

There was discussion around the multiplicity of communication media:

  • Facebook
  • Chronicle
  • Community Newspapers
  • Websites (esp. the Community Website)
  • Daily newspapers
  • Radio (esp. Karamea Radio)
  • Community Noticeboards

It was agreed that we needed a Comms strategy, both for internal and external communication and that if Paul agreed he would be the most appropriate Cttee member to develop this. There was discussion about the principle of a community spokesperson and it was agreed that we did not have the mandate to identify a community spokesperson but that the Chairman (Peter) should be the spokesperson for KCI.

8. General business

Agreed that the process for the minutes would be for the scribe to send a draft to Chairman for approval and then distribute to whole Cttee, copies to be made available on the community website.

Action items






Approach NBS about setting up an account


5 July


Organise Little Wanganui Hall for 5 July meeting


1 June


Include discussion on Cttee size for next meeting agenda


2 June


Discussion paper on membership recruitment for the next meeting


2 June


Discussion document on protocols for sub-committees


2 June


Draft Strategic Plan


28 June


PDFs of  Plans to Cttee Members


7 May


Draft Comms Strategy Plan (Subject to agreement by P)


28 June

Meeting Closed 8:53 p.m.

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