KCI Meeting - 7 June 2016

Karamea Community Incorporated
Committee Meeting

Community Building R.S.A.
June 7 2016

Apologies: Clive, Brendan, Paul

  1. Action item follow up (below)
  2. Governance
    - Subcommittee (or working Group) and Project protocols (Brendan)
    - Size of Committee
  3. Membership (Raramai)
  4. Community website (Radek)
  5. Little Wanganui meeting (5/7)
  6. General business
  7. Action items update

Meeting Minutes:

In Attendance: Peter, Sheryl, Brian, Hanne, Raramai, Craig, Radek, Hamish, Dion 

Minutes: approved from previous meeting

Moved by Craig, seconded Sheryl


Action Item follow up

Strategic Plan
Sheryl gave a general outline of ideas for the strategic plan. She suggested consultation could be every 6 years to feed into the long term plan, with an informal discussion each year before AGM's.


Craig read Brendan's first draft of the Guidelines for Governance relating to Sub-groups. It was agreed to discuss this with Clive at the next meeting to work out more details.
Hamish suggested Brendan's draft could be developed into a template that is flexible depending on the needs of each Sub-group at the time. Craig suggested Brendan's document could be emailed to the committee for editing with each person using a different colour text for their edits.
Guidelines/Protocol list would need to include financial transactions, our liability, accountability reports, media releases, communications, how often Sub-group members may be required to come to meetings, procedure for conflict of interest. A detailed protocol would need to be developed for each Sub-group at the time.

At present 7 is the number of committee members stated, but it would be desirable to have a minimum of 7. It is acknowledged that there are currently more than 7 and that the extra members shall be co-opted on as part of the interim committee until next AGM.
Moved by Hamish, seconded Craig.


Raramai talked about actions for membership. Sheryl has opened an account. Membership fees are to be paid by June 30th. Everyone who attended the April 19th meeting has been invited to join by email. Also previous steering committee members. The community website has an online membership form. The information centre has forms and will collect fees on our behalf. Community groups may have access to free post envelopes. Raramai will find out more.

Community website
Radek and Hamish will address this at the next meeting after more discussion.

General Business

There was a discussion on what projects may be prioritised but it was agreed that we would probably need to dedicate a whole meeting to this. Brian suggested that we could take the shortlist of projects already identified, present these to the community again for voting on, and in that we can get an up-to-date idea of what the community considers most important.

Little Wanganui Meeting 5th July was moved to 12th July so that Clive could attend to present a slideshow and information on projects.

Action Plan

  1. Peter to organise the Little Wanganui Hall for the next meeting on July 12th
  2. Peter to contact Paul to ask him to advertise the next meeting
  3. Craig to ask Brendan to email the committee his Governance draft for editing suggestions
  4. Raramai to find out more about community groups free envelopes

Meeting closed 8.55pm

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