An unnecessary step backwards...

Submitted by Gary B Smith on Mon, 13/06/2016 - 10:10pm

This Saturday a group of local volunteers began setting up for this weekends Winter Solstice celebrations at the Oparara Reserve, unfortunately our spirits were dampened when we discovered someone has decided to help themselves to the timber forming the foundation of the stage that faced out onto the beach at this years Resonance Karamea... as the organiser I calculated it was a risk leaving this structure in place but chose to have faith in the fellow members of our community... lesson learnt. Who ever you are, your short term gain will cost us (the community members who volunteer our time and resources to put on these events) double. Firstly, the timber was donated by myself and two volunteers spent two days ensuring the structure was well built... our hope was that it would serve for a number of years to come. So now, secondly, we will most likely have to purchase replacement timber and find another two volunteers (who could have been working on another project) to rebuild the stage.
I believe someone in the community knows who this person is... if you have seen someone in the last little while transporting or 'acquiring' lengths of rough sawn, treated, 6 x 2 with holes where the nails have been pulled through please have a word with them about returning the timber to the site and finding a way to recompense Resonance Karamea Educational Trust for their momentary lapse in respect...
A crew will be onsite both Wednesday afternoon and Thursday to recover said timber if it should miraculously reappear...

The life blood of any community is the time, energy and resources freely given by its members... by displaying a lack of respect for that you are in a very real sense showing a lack of respect of yourself.

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