Karamea Music Festival - February 2012

Submitted by Gary B Smith on Sat, 10/03/2012 - 5:17am

Karamea Music Festival result of three years of dedication to Vision Statement for KSM.

Karamea Sound Machine has been active in the community for three years now and right from the beginning those involved had a vision of Karamea hosting "...a 2-3 day festival event once or twice a year designed to attract the outside world to Karamea, that provides promotional and economic opportunities to Karamea as a whole...without losing the spirit of the original venture..."(from the KSM Vision Statement).

February 17 - 19th saw this vision come to full fruition - while this will be the third year KSM will be producing the Winter Solstice festival - this months Karamea Music Festival saw all the effort the KSM crew has put into investing in itself and the community, developing skills and a solid asset base, networking with agencies both within and outside the community and finally acting with an open heart be rewarded. The festival itself was a collaboration between KSM, Organik Audio and the Delicious Music Crew. The idea was first seeded in November last year when Final Frontier Productions produced an event with Harry (Organikismness/Organik Audio) as the main act.

"What amazes me is that all of this event was organised via a handful of emails and the odd chat on Facebook. Both Harry and I had an unspoken trust and faith that the other would bring their all to the venture" says Gary Smith the Director of KSM "It wasn't until the Friday evening when, in all the organising, Harry and I crossed paths at the festival information kiosk and people were streaming into the venue that it began to crystallise that something special was unfolding - the look on both of our faces must have been one of humble amazement as we hugged then went about our duties."

Friday night saw visitors and the communities youth and young adults dance fullon till dawn to an amazing line-up of drum n bass and dubstep dj's from around the South Island. After a beautifully chilled Saturday day the night kicked off with the full energy of TAOS (Reggae/Rock/Dub), settled into the beautiful connectedness of Soulware and Organikismness (DnB/Dubstep), took a trip into the realm of trance with Grouch (perhaps the most successful trance producer in NZ at the moment) then settled into the talented and diverse world of Delicious Music with Tweq, Boyd and the crew.

Sunday saw the festival wind down with a gentle sigh as people began leaving giving some of the crew an opportunity to relax, catch some sleep, play some tunes and spend time with family and friends. Official numbers are yet to be confirmed but general consensus is that attendance was somewhere around 400 people. The overwhelming request @ the end of the festival was to do it all again next year "...it wasn't until late on Monday afternoon that Harry and I were able to sit down and talk about the event, it was clear the festival had at least broken even financially but I must say I felt unsettled about the future, the success of this collaboration opened a whole world of possibilities. Harry with what I have become to recognise as his solid groundedness was positive we would be doing it next year and (as I had been) had begun thinking of ways to improve on the performance" says Gary.

The KSM crew would like to thank:

Harry Organikismness for being such an awesome collaboration partner - humbled and blessed brother...
Alan Lowe and West Reef for the support in preparing the festival site - proud to have you guys as a part of the community..
Dulcie and the team at the Karamea Info Centre for selling tickets and fielding enquiries..
Chef Christian for producing the beautiful food that kept the crew and performers fueled for the event - loved your organisational skills and level of professionalism brother..
Sina and crew for producing stunning signage for the event..
Stu Mollison Electrical for providing yet again an outstanding service - your attention to safety and artistic flair are a huge asset to the KSM crew..
Laura and Sean Jamieson for manning the gate for most of the festival - thank you guys, we were so fortunate to have such beautiful people as the initial face of the festival..
Brendan and the team for producing the Kidzone - the most surprising feedback about the festival was how much people enjoyed the family friendly aspect of the event, it seems to be something quite unique that we as a crew are becoming very good at doing..
Flow In for bringing extra sound gear and that magic touch with the sound system..
Jane Anderson for supplying lunch to the setup crew – it was delicious!.
Tao, Gerar and James for the use of your Gensets..
Frieder, Diana Storer, Peter Langford, Gerar, Sean Jamieson, Chris, Sandy, KAS and others for providing services and lending us equipment to produce the event..
To the KSM crew (Dave Robinson, Chris, Cody, Pete, Kaia to name just a few) who give so much to make these events happen - thank you yet again..
The beautiful people who hung around to help with the breakdown and clean up. To the local talent who performed, those who attended and to those in the community who support us we hope to continue to honour your faith in us.

Finally, I have been asked to give a special shout out to the communities youth who at the end of the festival volunteered to help with the clean up.. you guys rock!.
Atila de Oliveira, the Buller District Council officer KSM has been liaising with, visited the site on the Tuesday after the event. While his visit was for official reasons he expressed his pleasure at the cleanliness of the site. Also the feedback crew has been getting from the community indicates the event also had a positive influence on the local economy.

Karamea Sound Machine.
Community Fusion through Music Revolution

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