Karamea Waste Working Group Update

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Karamea Waste Working Group

Update 1st May 2016

The Karamea Waste Working Group (KWWG) has worked with the council for a number of years now, assisting them in liaising with the Karamea community about managing its solid waste. We are a stable and representative group of the community. Broadly speaking, our aim is to achieve the most cost effective, practical, and environmentally positive outcomes for Karamea's solid waste. We still have a lot to achieve.

KWWG has kept a fairly low profile over the last twelve months. Its main achievement over this period has been to keep costs down at the Karamea Landfill, and this is reflected in the latest Buller District Council's Draft Annual Plan.

Council is proposing that the targeted rate for solid waste in Karamea should stay at $85 (compared with $90 in Maruia and $126 for the rest of Buller; GST exc). Gate fees and charges are also unchanged.

KWWG endorses the draft plan's proposal to strike the same rate as last year. It is pleasing that we have been able to keep the rate steady, through some rearranging of contracts.

There is an opportunity in this next year to reduce the number of opening hours, and the KWWG endorses that proposal. It is currently proposed to have the landfill open for three half days. It is expected that the current supervisor, Tex Franken, will have a major role in determining which half days they will be, based on his years of experience and record keeping. The hours could be the mornings of Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

KWWG intends to design a facility at the Landfill over the next year, and possibly to make a start on construction in that period. We hope that council staff will assist the KWWG in drawing up appropriate plans for an on-site shed. It is intended that this shed will house sorting and recycling operations, the site supervisor's facility, and a Treasure Shop.

If savings are achieved over the next twelve month period, then the group wishes that the surplus accumulated funds could contribute towards these planned on site buildings.

The KWWG is asking the Karamea residents if they have any comments about these proposals, and ask that you contact any of the working group members before May 25th, in order that we can take all feedback to council when we speak to our submission on May 30th.

If anybody would like to join the working group, they should make enquiries with any of the working group listed below. The current members have stated that they are available for the next twelve month period.

KWWG consists of

Sheryl Rhind, Brian Jones, Peter Langford, Paul Murray, Shona Eason Gibson, Tim Hawley, Hamish Macbeth

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