Oparara Planning Exercise: Draft Documents

Submitted by karameainformat... on Mon, 20/03/2017 - 10:34am

Planning documents of possible interest to the Karamea community:

Oparara Planning Exercise Research Report v 3.2 is available for reading here.

Oparara Planning Exercise DETAIL CONCEPT DESIGN Draft V3.2 is available for reading here.

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Re: Oparara Planning Exercise: Draft Documents

This is a very significant initiative which I think needs to be well published. Is there any way we can take one of the striking images and put it on our home page and say Hey take a look at this! to our community? Burying it in an article mightn't get enough attention. Oparara Planning Exercise Draft Documents is pretty unsexy.

Just a thought

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Re: Oparara Planning Exercise: Draft Documents

Fair comment, Hamish. The intent here was simply to get the documents out there and visible to the public at large, with a very neutral title, but there are certainly strategies that could be used to promote the content more widely, if the timing is right. As a newcomer to all this, it was not clear to me whether this is pie-in-the-sky, what-if-we-did-this talk, or whether there is already a strong commitment to making this kind of thing happen. Making a big splash now might well be premature, if we are still just bouncing around ideas.

Figuring out strategies for earmarking big stories might be a fruitful line for the web site group to bear in mind as we look at revamping the website.

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