Oparara Wilderness Trail Run - 17 October Update

Submitted by Radek on Mon, 17/10/2016 - 12:44pm

By Lynda Pope

At last the Oparara Wilderness Trail Run website is ready for all to view at OpararaWildernessTrailRun.co.nz The registration page will be merged in soon.

I would like to very much thank Brian Corner for his many hours of hard, dedicated work in putting it all together and for tolerating my continuous stream of emails and demands. I know that going by the times on some of his emails, Brian has worked well into the night and the early hours of the morning to get this done for us.

Thanks also to the Buller Gorge Marathon Trust. They have given permission for James Graham to copy and re write their registration website for us to use. Dennis Straker and James have both given us tremendous support in creating our website and have allowed us to use some of their ideas and policies.

A big thank you to Paul Murray for his imaginative creation of words for the website home page, for setting up our Facebook page, for the hours he spent in sorting through and allowing us to use his beautiful photos and for the press release he has written to promote the event.

I would also like to thank Rose Jamieson for finding the time in her very busy schedule to create our very cool and quirky logo.

Thank you Dulcie McNabb for providing me with the information on the Oparara Valley project and also Barry and May Chalmers for providing photos of the Oparara Valley and for jumping into action whenever I click my fingers.

Thank you Noel for your support when it all becomes very stressful and for the many hours you have spent completing applications for me and for helping put together the contents for the website.

Finally, thank you to the Karamea community for the support you have shown to get this project to the stage it is now and for those of you who have already volunteered to help out.

Progress to Date

Pulse Energy have offered us an attractive sponsorship deal for the naming rights of the race. I feel very privileged that they have enough confidence in the success of the event to come on board with us in its very first year. This is almost unheard of as normally the success of an event would need to be proven before anyone would consider putting their name to it.

Since my last newsletter, a spontaneous decision was made to form a new Trust in the name of The Karamea Events Trust. The four Trustees are Lynda and Noel Pope and May and Barry Chalmers. A bank account has been opened with the NBS in Westport.

The Karamea Area School PTA committee has taken on the organising of the festival at the domain. I met with them a few weeks ago and it’s great that they are so enthusiastic and have already got some pretty exciting things planned for the day.

So we are now into the next stage. Registration for the race will be open on the 7th November and the event is currently being promoted nationwide, so I ask you all to please do your bit by spreading the word through your Facebook pages and any other way you possibly can.

Lynda Pope

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