Oparara Wilderness Trail Run - 22 January 2017 Update

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Oparara Wilderness Trail Run

We are now well into the New Year and I hope you have all had a good Festive Season.

The planning for the Oparara Wilderness Trail Run is on track and going well and to date we have 47 confirmed entrants. You can view the entrant list on our website simply by going into the Registration page and clicking on “Confirmed Entrants”.

The event has been well promoted throughout the entire West Coast, Nelson, Motueka, Golden Bay, Christchurch and Wellington by sending our poster to the harrier and sports clubs, sports shops, gymnasiums and through the internal data bases of the DHB’s and District and Reginal Councils and local radio stations.
Yesterday, we ran our first Facebook advertisement to help boost the exposure of the event. We will monitor this and run more if we feel that it is necessary.

I would like to thank all those people who have contacted me so far, or the other members of The Karamea Events Trust with offers of help.

As time is ticking along and we have only twelve weeks left until race day I need to ask people to please consider volunteering your time if you do not intend to run a stall at the festival or if you do not need to work on the day.
This does not necessary mean that you will be tied up for the entire day and does not mean that you need to be young and fit.
So far, we have 18 people registered to help, however, we have around a total of 50 positions available, although that total includes the St John cadets and supervisors and Land SAR.

Some people have already volunteered to be marshals, however, we will need at least another 14. Marshals will be situated at McCallums Mill, Oparara Basin, Maloney’s Bluff, Fenian carpark, Oparara Rad at the limeworks, Market Cross and Waverley Street at the finishing chute.
The Postal River Suspension Bridge will be marshaled by two DOC workers at each end to ensure the runners follow the DOC rules and walk across the bridge.
The marshals situated at McCallum’s Mill can be relocated elsewhere once the runners have crossed the start line.

We are needing another nine people to man the drink stations. These will be situated along Break Creek Road at the 5.6km and 10km mark, Oparara Basin, Fenian Carpark and Oparara Road. These stations can be set up the afternoon before the race and we can transport you to your station the morning of the race.

We will need two people to fill 200ml water bottles the morning before the race. This would be a good job for a couple of young people who might like to earn some 700ml drink bottles for their sports club as we have 20 of them to give away.

We will also require a handful of people at the Domain finish line.
We will need someone to man the gear drop station until all the competitors have finished their race and picked up their bags, someone to hand out fruit to each competitor and someone to make sure each competitor returns their ankle transponder as they cross the finish line.

We will also need volunteers to help set up in the final days leading up to race day at the domain.
The finish line banners and marquees will need to be erected and we will need someone to help with setting up the road cones, signs and tape for the traffic management the night before. We will need help with the set up at McCallums Mill and the Oparara Basin.

Depending on the number of 20km competitors and how many buses we will be needing, we will possibly need at least four people to be at the Domain for the race briefing on race day. This will be an early 6.30am start but these people will be needed to check the compulsory gear of each competitor as they board their bus to be taken to the start line at the Oparara Basin.

So, to make this event a great success we need your help. This is a very exciting time for Karamea and we want to make it a great occasion so that these people will be keen to return the following year.
As a volunteer, you will be well rewarded. You will receive a free packed lunch, cortesy of the Little Wanganui Hotel and at 5pm, to show our appreciation there will be an after match BBQ for you courtesy of Karaka Karamea Smallgoods, Silver Fern Farms and Foodstuffs Trust.

To register as a volunteer please call me on 03 7826 773 or email me on noel [dot] lyndaatoutlook [dot] co [dot] nz

Lynda Pope

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