Oparara Wilderness Trail Run Volunteer Raster

Submitted by Radek on Thu, 30/03/2017 - 5:48am

By now those of you who have volunteered to help with the race should have received your field notes with your instruction.

One or two people may notice that they are not in a position which I had originally said they would be, however, I have had to make these changes to be able to coordinate everything properly.

Some people have been allocated two positions, therefore, they might be somewhere in the morning and somewhere else in the afternoon so if this is the case you should have received two copies of field notes.

If your name is on the list below and you haven’t received your field notes,
I would like you to call me on 782 6773 or 027 465 1609 as soon as possible please.

Sunshine Flat
Jill Waines & 2 others

Fenian Carpark
Barry Chalmers
Leitu Jackson
2 others

McCallum’s Mill
Tex Franken
Chris & Selwyn Lowe
Bill Simpson (See Barry for yours)
Tim Hawley
John Robinson (See Barry for yours)

Oparara Basin
Jack Simpson
Mark Roumieu
Joelle Fox
Noel Pope & 2 others

Adams Flat Junction
Chrissy Hynes

Drink Stations
Andrea & Will Galway
Remahia Keno
Lena Fischbach & Mike McMillan
2 others

Maloney’s Bluff will be marshaled by outsiders.

Karamea Marshals
Sheryl Rhind
Barry Thomson
Selwyn Lowe
Julie Pratt
Tim Hawley
1 other

Domain Workers
Kay Raffell
May Chalmers
Julie Pratt
Alan Collins
Chris Lowe
Ray Douglas
Joelle Fox
Dulcie McNabb
Tom Murton
Margaret Mackley
2 others

Postal River
Holly Yeoman
3 others

I’m delighted to be able to say that registrations closed last Sunday with 128 confirmed entries.
It’s going to be a great day and I hope you will all be out as a community cheering the runners on to the finish line.


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