Civil Defence Emergency Contacts

People to call for help in a Civil Defence crisis!
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Dave Webster (Last Resort) + Harold Simpson:   Karamea Civil Defence Coordinators

CD Emergency Ops Centre 782 6852  fax: 782 6639 DOC, Waverley St. or Dairy Factory
Karamea Fire Service: 782 6754 Waverley St.
Little Wanganui Fire Service: 782 6739 Main Rd.
Karamea D.O.C.: 782 6852 Waverley St.
Karamea Police/Constable: 782 6801 Wharf Rd.
Karamea St. Johns Ambulance: 111 Waverley St.
Medical  Staff: 782 6710 Waverley St.
Karamea CD Wardens: Area of Responsibility:
Graeme Quinn  Chief Warden 782 6855 Waverley St.,(tavern end)
Keith Frankish  Chief Warden & Rescue Coordinator 782 6040 3946 Kongahu Straight
Reub (Bill) Simpson 782 6793 North Beach
Harold Simpson 782 6795 North Beach
Ron Taylor 782 6796 Umere
Phil Murrell 782 6653 Rongo Motels
Warren Lowe 782 6856 Aerodrome/Oparara Rd.
Pat Jones 782 6799 Oparara Back Road
Darren Heal 782 6959 Arapito
Kelvin Simkin 782 6722 Arapito
Alan Sanders 782 6638 South Terrace
Tex Franken 782 6871 Otumahana
Harry Heslan 782 6670 Granite Creek Valley
Brian Jones 782 6704 Granite Creek Bridge
Jack Wilkes 782 6834 Kongahu Straight
Leigh Kees 782 6845 Wangapeka Valley
Little Wanganui CD Wardens:
Geoff Volckman 782 6895 Little Wanganui Bridge
Tony Johnson 782 6891 Little Wanganui Township
Bill Craig 782 6851 Little Wanganui Sub-division
Corbyvale CD Warden:
Ray Maybee 782 6696 Corbyvale

Tune to Radio Station(s): Coast FM  93.5         Also try Karamea Community Radio  FM 107.5
On the AM band try Scenicland  1287

If you know of any updates to this list please contact Rick Lucas 782 6707 with corrections, thanks!

(----Last Update January 17,  2011----)

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