Cold Process Soap

Submitted by Raramai on Fri, 11/05/2018 - 7:36pm

Karamea Area School
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Sunday 24th June, 11:00am

Cold Process Soap 

Students will learn the basics of cold process soap making and leave with a batch of soap, and the knowledge to create their own at home.

Tutor: Stephanie Walton

Venue: Home Economics Room at Karamea Area School

Numbers: Maximum 10

Bring: Some materials supplied, but if you can, bring safety glasses, rubber gloves, plastic measuring containers, stick blenders (only to be used with soap making), digital scales, and a mould to pour the soap into. Stephanie will have extra of these things but whatever students can bring of their own is good - it will be more of a chemistry lab this way! Mature older kids are welcome, especially if they want to partner with an adult. We will be using lye (a caustic chemical), so if coming with a non parent/caregiver adult it would be good to have written permission).

Cost: $10

Questions: Phone Stephanie 021 881 212

Registration: Phone Kathy 7826 808

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