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2Bdr House


My name is Jon Stevenson im 40 yrs old with and looking at moving to Karamea with my 5 yr old Daughter who i have full time care of.

I grew up and lived in Motueka/Nelson area for 22yrs.I moved to Christchurch and have been here for 15 yrs.

I have done alot of different work over my time and have completed several Apprentiships including (Light Engineering,(Boiler making) and a Screenprinting apprentiship)

I have been self employed in ChCh for 6 yrs before i got Full care of my daughter Payton.

Since then i have changed my dirrection in life to suit her needs and schooling.

I have a long term really close freind who has recently bought a section up on the South Terrace in Karamea and he could do with my help to get sorted and make his section his Home..

We have spent alot of time there since Xmas and i feel the area and comunity is a close nit careing and very Freindly.

I do relise there arnt alot of options there for work but iv spoken to several of the LOCALS over the time we have spent there and if your hard working,Honest and keen to try new things theres a resonable ammount of casual work around the surrounding areas.

This is a long term move for us both and would love my daughter to be bought up in community.

I have a CV which im happy to give out also contacable on my cell phone.0210694269

Thanks Jon Stevenson

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Re: 2Bdr House

Hi Jon

Welcome to Karamea. Good luck with your search for accommo. There isn't much around but if I hear of any, I'll let you know.

Give me a call sometime to call in and say gidday, and look at our boiler for our oil distillation.



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