Finding a new place to live

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Elaine Mander
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Finding a new place to live

Hello everyone. I am looking for a new place to live. Most of my life has been spent in Rotorua and I used to love this town but it has changed so much that it is no longer a place I want to live in. It has become over the top touristy and the footpaths, trails, city, and forests have become overrun with cyclists. I am a nature lover and a dog lover and I no longer have anywhere decent to walk with my dog that does not entail doing battle with cyclists. I have been knocked down twice. There is no sense of community left here either, in fact the city has become very divisive.
I am hoping to find a pleasant community that I can sink into and hope to find a parcel of land where I can live with my animals in peace. I have joined this forum as I liked the look of Karamea and thought it would be nice to communicate with locals to find out more about the place and its people.
I hope that those of you that see this post will feel free to tell me all about your community and what it is like to live in Karamea.
I look forward to your comments
Elaine Mander

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Re: Finding a new place to live

Hi Elaine our little Karamea community rocks big time . We had our winter solstace get together at the Oparara reserve last weekend and it was as magical as ever even though it was on a smaller scale than usuall . We have a summer music festervile that just keeps getter better with people travling along way  to be part of it . KSM Karamea sound machine is the group of locals that put it on and do a great job of it .      .     This was the 2014 event .   If you get here 1 of the things you will notice is that most locals wave to each other when they are driving by , a habit you soon forget when you get to a city as it just seems weird . If you take your dog to a beach 9 times out of 10 you will be the only person there which is quite cool . Dick heads are few and far between so thats another bonus of living here . Lack of employment is the bigest hurdel living here but like anywhere if you want to work you will find something , just dont expect to get rich . Just by living here you can save money by not having many places to shop so those impulse buys dont happen unless your shoping online . Do you know any1 here at all ? . Hope this has helped and good luck .

Paul Murray
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Re: Finding a new place to live

Hi Elaine,

I've lived in Karamea for 12 years and absolutely LOVE it. It's a paradise. Scenicaly beautiful, fresh clean air, mild climate, great community and good services and facilities. I have a young family and wouldn't want them to grow up anywhere else. 

Quite a few people from the North Island have moved here and enjoy the slower, more congenial lifestyle. We also have a dog and he likes it here too.

I look forward to meeting you sometime,

Regards from Sunny Karamea,

Paul, Sanae, Diva and Winston Murray. 

PS: Here's a link to an article I wrote bout Karamea a few years ago:

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