First Post! - Solar Installation

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Jared Ralph
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First Post! - Solar Installation

Hi everyone!

Some of you may have seen me around - I'm in the process of moving to the South Terrace (Maggie's old place). Should be there more or less full time from ~April, so looking forward to meeting the rest of you!

In the meantime we (me and my family) are looking to instal a solar system up there.

We're wondering if there's anyone around (either reading this forum, or that you know of) that has the technical experience to help us get up and running! I hear solar panels have a tendency to rip roofs off in a good storm if not installed correctly, so if anyone has experience with that it would be great to get in touch!
We'd also need some help with the electrical side of things, so it'd be great to get in touch with any electricians in town, or even someone whose just done all this before.

At this stage we're looking at a 3.5kWh system, with 6 panels and a 3kW inverter. We reckon we'd be alright setting up a 12v system ourselves, but since we've decided to go bigger, we're a bit out of our depth (as I imagine many people are..)

Our other option is to get the professionals in - in which case we figure we may as well put the word out - and if anyone else is looking at getting solar in the next few months, we could probably get a better deal together, especially on travel/accommodation costs (we were quoted $600 for travel alone).

Would be great to hear from anyone in a similar boat to share ideas/knowledge.

- Jared & the Ralph Family.

Paul Murray
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Re: First Post! - Solar Installation

Hi Jared and Family, welcome to Karamea, I look forward to meeting y'all.

I'd suggest John Lodge is your man, he's an electrician and he has quite a sound knowledge of solar power and the associated installation process. 

His number is 868



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