Important Message for Buller Seddon Ward Residents

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Important Message for Buller Seddon Ward Residents

A message from the Buller District Council

The Council Electoral Officer acknowledges that there has been a typographical error detected on the voting paper and in the candidate profile booklet for the Seddon ward electors.

The heading on both the voting paper and in the candidate booklet states that the voter is “Electing 3 Seddon Ward Councillors” when in fact there are only two vacancies.

Thus, the Seddon ward electors are asked to vote for up to two candidates only.

The wording in the instructions on the voting paper states that any elector “can tick up to two (2) candidates”, which is correct.

However, any person who may have marked more than the necessary 2 candidates on the voting paper may apply to the Electoral Officer for a fresh voting paper.

If this is the case, please telephone 03 788 9613 and leave your name and postal address so that another voting document can be issued.

John Rodger | Electoral Officer
DDI 03 788 9613 | Email

Buller District Council | Freephone 0800 807 239 |
PO Box 21 | Westport 7866

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