Jet Boating on Karamea River

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Tin Foil Goil
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Jet Boating on Karamea River

In early October the council received an application for a land use resource consent to run a commercial jet boating tours operation on the Karamea River.

The maximum number of jet boat trips per day would be 4, operating up to seven days per week.

Submissions close on 2 February.

What do you think?

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Re: Jet Boating on Karamea River

I hope it makes the right noise , 8 cylinders and forced induction would be nice .

SS Ferneliza
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Re: Jet Boating on Karamea River

Living next to the river I think this is a horrible idea!  I have no problem with the odd recreational jet boat zooming up and down once in a while having some fun but I tell ya what we know all about it when they do, you can hear it for miles either way but more to the point Me and my kids swim in this river during summer, people enjoy drift diving and trout fishing all very relaxing peaceful activities!

I really hope this doesn't happen.

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