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karamea website

So, I just checked out the Home page of our community website and am really happy to see that it is alive, current and informative. Just wanted to take the time to say a big thanks to Radek who I am sure is still working to keep this cyberspace happening for us. Slowly but surely people are coming on board and its great to see people outside of the community registering as interested folk who want to connect. Also there are some dedicated locals who have been using it since its humble beginnings when our community co-ordinator, Rick Lucas, facilitated a group of willing people keen to get a community website up and running back a few years back.
It would be great to see more people start to use this as an effective means of sharing, discussing and co-creating in ways that benefit Karamea.
How could we get more people into using this site?
Are there any ways in which it could be improved?
This a non-commercial, free to air social media platform that is run on peoples volunteered time and I believe the domain hosting pre paid by the former Karamea Community Business group.
I am a little unsure of how it will sustain itself into the future but I know Radek deserves a pat on the back for taking it this far. The more its used and shared, the greater it will be for the Karamea Community.
Cheers Radek :)

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Re: karamea website

I have to thank Radek as well and all those that have contributed to te website.

It was a key tool in helping us decide to move to Karamea, even though we havn't yet. 

We have purchased our land and we are saving hard for our house and off grid systems. 

Personally I knew I wanted to live in Karamea since I visited the place when i was a teenager, but my wife had no idea of what to expect as she had never been there.

It did not take too much of a browse of the website and the school website (plus a visit last year to inspect land) for us to know this was the right place to live.

This is where the website and forum really helped, it shows the community spirit and the cool activities that have gone on over time and this archive will likely entice others like ourselves to follow suit growing the community with positive like minded people.

A very good job indeed.

One impovement would be a score after a game of tetris, to know if I am dreaming beating that high score there lol.

Paul Murray
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Re: karamea website

Mr Radek is a living Saint!

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Re: karamea website

Hi. It is really great to see the website getting the use it deserves. This is what was envisaged when the website was created, so it is good to see its usefulness at last emerging. Spread the word amongst your friends. I sold a freezer in 15 minutes after advertising here. Radek is not only a saint but a Master Technician.

Time for another poetry or photo competition?

Any chance of getting the school involved?

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