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KaraMeAnz Web Rebuild

Hello KaraMeAnz, anyone there? especially those with an artistic flair.

I may have some news of interest to share, so you might lend an ear,
is anyone there?

It's come to my attention, and just barely so, and had I not been in the
right place / right spot, I wouldn't have noticed this nugget of thought.

If you're wondering why this writing's in rhyme, it's because I'm hoping you'll
read the next line. The nugget of thought that I'll share this day is the
community branded web is being rebuilt without much say.

Hey web rebuilders, wherever you are, now that I've shared this nugget
of thought to those who knew and to those who did not, perhaps more
KaraMeAnz, would like to take part in the web work this time, and have the
chance to offer new brand, and new look online.

The mention of same Hokioi and hills on blazing orange web banner of nearly
10 years, may attract others to have a say in the KaraMeAnz web being
rebuilt today; the chance to offer a new brand, a new look, a new banner

So web rebuilders, whoever you are, here is a chance for others to take part
in the look of the KaraMeAnz web being rebuilt today.

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Re: web rebuild

Thanks for your post, Muritai, and for your interest in the community website.

You are right, the community website is undergoing a major revamp, and we are well advanced on the project. The graphic and branding aspects of the site have already been extensively revised, and we are in good shape there. However, we are still in the process of updating, rewriting, collecting and re-organizing some of the content, and there could be an opportunity for you to get involved with that, if you are interested. There will be a special need after re-launch for community members to take ownership of the site on an ongoing basis, and ensure that the site is kept current.

Please send us an email at webteamatkaramea [dot] org [dot] nz or talk to one of us (myself, Raramai, Guppy, Deb, Hamish, Radek), if you know us in person. You can find me at the Info Centre Fri--Sun (and until Tue, over the summer)



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