Saying Hello: An open invitation

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Saying Hello: An open invitation

Hi Karamea Community, We just arrived yesterday, found this forum today and thought we'd try and use it to say hallo. We're Monique & Blane and we just closed our massage business in the U.S. (where it's currently summer), sold or got rid of everything we own (except the 4 bags we're lugging with us) to go on some longterm travels which we're starting here (after a few days in Nelson) with a 10-week house-sit in Shona's place. We met Shona when she came in for a massage and she gave us her email so if ever we were in NZ we could get in touch with her. When we decided to make this life change basically by house-sitting our way around the world, we contacted her to let us know that we may find ourselves here and low and behold she needed someone to stay in her place while she was away for a few weeks. So here we are after a bus ride from Nelson and a trip with Phil. Yesterday we met Juliette & Jason at the store and Jason was kind enough to give us a ride back with our shopping. We plan to be in NZ for 6 months and then maybe go over to Cook Island, Fiji, Tasmania, Tonga but as of now we have no solid plans after these first 10-weeks. If anyone wants to say hi let us know - we're pretty low key - artists, teachers, cartoonists, authors, meditators - not really looking for adventure, just exploring life, people, the world and ourselves. If you want more info, we have a website: which as you'll see is not up to date yet on our travels. Hope to meet some of you soon. Warmly, - Monique & Blane

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