Karamea Sound Machine Strategic Plan Development

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Karamea Sound Machine Strategic Plan Development

hi everyone

recently a survey was undertaken to gauge the effectiveness of KSM's planning. below you will find the results and a brief discussion on what they reflect for karamea sound machine. most important though is this is the beginning of a process by which i ask you all to have input in the new strategic plan for karamea sound machine 'dah! dahhhhhh!'

please be assured that i will make this an enjoyable and rewarding process. by necessity it is step by step and i will attempt to make each step clear to all. if you do not understand something or have issues that need to be sorted before you can complete the step please contact me. also, please pass this email onto anyone you think will be interested in contributing to this conversation - once they respond or you forward their responce to me i will include them in the mailing list. remember at all times you can choose to not respond to part or all of the stage - i will still email you the conversation so you can see where it is going : )

overview: at the end of this process karamea sound machine will have a living strategic plan - now don't run scared! - all this does is outline KSM's values and social responsibilities, shows the goals it whichs to achieve and objectives on the path to obtaining those goals. these objectives and goals will be measurable so we will be able to see if what we are doing is achieving what we expected.

why?!?: firstly, ksm has matured - we have achieved all the goals outlined in the vision developed 18 months ago (yippee!!) - while there are still aspects of the vision that are ongoing (aspects that will be reflected in the strategic plan) ksm has changed - it now belongs to the community and in particular YOU! secondly, times are changing. the 'soft' funding available from the karamea arts council ('soft' because the arts council live in the community and can see the results of our actions) may not be available for much longer. funding will need to come from 'buckets' the coast as a whole or even new zealand as a whole are 'competing' for - as such we need to proactively position ourselves as an organisation to meet these fund providers criteria. being registered with the charities commission, strategic planning and clear financials are all part of this repositioning.

by the way: this will be a living document. if something isn't working or we choose to take a different direction or we wish to add another string to our bow we adapt the document. because the document by design has a measuring aspect this feedback/reflection will help us to see what we are doing providing vitality to the document.

what does this mean to me?: you are welcome to be as involved or as detached from this process as you wish - no expectations, no pressure - the reason i am and will continue to communicate with you all is because you all own this information i merely 'represent' it and need to give it back to you to ensure i have your views included/reflected in what i produce. NOTE: if you feel i have not included/reflected your point of view please contact me it is important that i do, remember i am also human and mistakes happen...

ok down to business:
here are the results from the survey:
Questions                               No. of Responces      Results        Results (Core)

1. A clear direction and purpose            11                    4.3                  4.25

2. A set of aspirational statements        11                    4.3                  4

3. Objectives for each goal                   11                    3.5                 3.25

4. Action plans for each goal                11                    3.2                  2.75

5. A clear point of difference                10                    3.6                  2.3

6. Active and effective management     11                    4.1                  3.9

7. Able to measure outcomes, etc.       11                    3.5                  3.25

8. Systems to ensure compliance         11                     3.6                 4

(17 requests sent out 12 replies received - there were a lot of 5's however a reply of 1's balanced these out)

what was interesting about the responces was the further the person was from the core of ksm the higher they rated each category. this is really positive because it suggests the greater community believe we have got it together! the results from the core are shown in the separate column Results (Core).

so what does it all mean?
the results reflect the reality of ksms operations. questions 1. and 2. refer to the vision and slogan (community fusion through music revolution) developed 18 months ago. the next two and question 7. reflect the fact that we have never had objectives, action plans or measures - people commented they had never seen these but assumed we had them... question 5. "a clear point of difference" is the most interesting result for me. as i refered to on the radio interview with rick - we do not have a clear identity and more i believe we are just beginning the process of developing one. that makes now both an exciting and dangerous time. exciting because we can freely experiment and explore - a journey of discovery. dangerous because it would be very easy for us as a group to find security in the familiar. The result of the final question is also intriguing. maybe it reflects the strength of community we have.....

if you want to know what this means from a strategic planning point of view please email me and ask, otherwise i won't bore the rest of you : )

moving forward: STEP ONE: What are the core Values and Social Responsibilities of Karamea Sound Machine?

what is a value? the dictionary gives several definitions which may help:

1. Beliefs of a person or social group in which they have an emotional investment.

2. A collection of guiding, usually positive principles. What one deems to be correct and desirable in life, especially regarding personal conduct.

3. (and i have included this one because it is the closest to what this step in the process is providing) A principle value is a foundation upon which other values and measures of integrity are based.

for example: a couple of values of mine are - integrity, meaningfulness, connectedness

Please provide me with an exhaustive (complete) list of values you wish the actions of KSM to reflect.

what is social responsibility? again the dictionary gives several definitions:

1. A voluntarily assumed obligation toward the good of a larger social unit as opposed to the self alone. (i like this one)

2. Involves considering the impact and being accountable for the effects that actions might have on society.

3. Can be defined as accepting responsibility for others and taking action against social injustice. it includes meeting the needs of others through charitable giving.

for example: providing healthy social activities for the youth

Please provide me with an exhaustive list of social responsibilities you wish the actions of KSM to reflect.

PLEASE REMEMBER your replies do not have to be profound, deep and meaningful, or precise - it is my job to bring them all together and make it sound cohesive - i just want to hear from your heart : )and that is it - STEP ONE complete! once i have recieved enough replies i will communicate STEP TWO: what are we doing now and how?

sometime through this process it would be awesome if we could get together as a group, eat, drink and throw around ideas, but first i think it would be rewarding to build a foundation thank you all


for karamea sound machine

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