Winter Solstice 2010 - are you looking for the oppurtunity to be involved in something different?

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Winter Solstice 2010 - are you looking for the oppurtunity to be involved in something different?

Are you looking for the oppurtunity to be involved in something out of the ordinary? On 25/26 June Karamea
Sound Machine will present Winter Solstice 2010 @ Kohaihai – a festival with a market, workshops and music.
This event is being marketed throughout the top of the South Island and beyond.
We are inviting the community to get involved in the following:
MARKET: A space will be provided on Saturday from10am till 3pm at no cost.
Conditions are - No 'commercial' operators. No junk. You would be responsible for everything associated with
your stall including any rubbish your activity may generate. If you do well, a donation to Karamea Sound
Machine would be appreciated.
WORKSHOPS: Open to everyone from 10am till 5pm. We have a preference towards presenters running several
smaller workshops spaced throughout the day rather than one big one, however we are open to suggestions
otherwise. This is an oppurtunity to both individuals and community groups to share their activity and
knowledge, and to market their group and/or skills to the community (a business card or flyer with details to
handout to both participants and observers would be appropriate).
VOLUNTEERS: If you feel like you want to be involved with making this event happen please give us a call. We
need help with construction, setting up and breaking down, decorating, manning key positions during the
festival and 'the clean up'. REMEMBER – the more volunteers, the more we can spread the load, the more all
involved can enjoy the rewards of our efforts!
DONATIONS OF MATERIALS: Can you help by donating any of the following materials:
plywood, large diameter alkathene pipe, nuts and bolts, silage plastic, paint and canvas.
DONATION OF BAKING: We are running a sausage sizzle and baking sale in Market Cross every Saturday until
the festival and are looking for the donation of baked goods. We are keen on providing the ingredients.
Proceeds will go to help making the event happen!
Please contact us before 16th June at karameasoundmachineatgmail [dot] com or phone Gary 755 or Debs 910.
Karamea Sound Machine would like to take this oppurtunity to send out a huge thank you to:
Buller District Council Community Grants Fund for supportng the acquisition of sound gear
Karamea Community Arts Council for supporting Winter Solstice 2010
Department of Conservation for being so positive about us holding the event @ Kohaihai
All the people who are so generous in supporting KSM – you know who you are!
Sausage Sizzle and Baking Sale
Market Cross every Saturday morning
Proceeds to Winter Solstice 2010

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