Karamea Community Radio

The Karamea Radio 107.5FM station provides a community service, a source of entertainment, education, a means of broadcasting information about local events and civil service emergencies if required. The station also offers an opportunity for local residents and visitors to Karamea to be disc jockeys or play music live on air.

Access to Karamea Community Radio 107.5 FM


Karamea Radio, our local community radio station, was established in 2004 with the cooperation and assistance of local 

residents and businesses. Since its inception the station has been housed, free of charge, at Rongo Backpackers and Gallery in Waverley Street. Iltamara Ltd (the entity that owns Rongo Backpackers & Gallery) manages and funds the station as a free service to the community.

As Karamea Radio is a community station, community members have always been encouraged to use the station’s facilities for the production of community programs. However, in line with similar community stations throughout New Zealand, the smooth running of the station, including proper care of the station’s equipment, can be ensured only if there are a suitable set of guidelines for accessing and using the station’s facilities. Suitable guidelines are even more important for Karamea Radio as, unlike almost all community stations, Karamea’s community station is located at a privately operated commercial site. Ongoing access to station’s facilities at Rongo Backpackers & Gallery can be guaranteed only if the station’s operations do not interfere with the primary role of Rongo Backpackers & Gallery as a tourism accommodation business.

Access Guidelines

Operating Hours (Community Access): 8:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Sunday

NB: If the Access Guidelines are breached the Owners/Managers of Rongo Backpackers & Gallery reserve the right to bar access to Rongo’s premises (temporarily or permanently – depending on the seriousness of the breach or breaches); effectively barring access to the radio station’s facilities.

Preparation and Broadcast of Programs:

  • Programs that are in place as of 1 August 2010 and have been broadcast on a regular schedule retain their current time slots (unless the producer/s agree to relinquish air time temporarily or permanently).
  • Anybody who wants to prepare and/or air a community program must make prior arrangements at least 48 hours before the program is to aired (please contact Paul Murray on 782 6767, or e-mail rongoatactrix [dot] co [dot] nz to arrange a time for your show and/or training if necessary).
  • Program producers and presenters/DJs must arrange for suitable training in the care and use of station equipment and software before producing and/or airing radio programs.
  • No more than two producers/presenters/DJs can be in the radio booth at the same time, unless prior agreement has been obtained from Mr Murray or somebody with the authority to act on his behalf.

Care and Maintenance of Station Equipment and Premises

  • Station equipment and software must be used responsibly and remain undamaged/unaltered.
  • Any damage to station equipment, software and/or media library must be immediately brought to the attention of Rongo management and arrangements made for the timely repair and/or replacement of damaged items.
  • All records, CDs and cassettes from the station media library used by producers/presenters must be put away after use.
  • Radio station must be cleaned and tidied before producers/presenters leave.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking in the radio station (just step outside and dispose of rubbish responsibly).

Rongo Backpackers and Gallery Facilities

  1. Toilet facilities are provided on the east side of Rongo (near the car park – blue door with “toilet” written on it).
  2. When on Rongo premises (which includes the radio station) actions by program producers/presenters must not interfere with Rongo’s primary function as a commercial accommodation provider. For example:
    a. With the exception of the toilet facility (see above), the Rongo Backpackers and Gallery building is off limits to anyone other than Rongo guests and staff.
    b. Rongo guests are not be disturbed by noise, unwelcome personal approaches, unruly/disruptive behaviour, etc.
    c. No illegal activities/behaviour and/or unduly intoxicated will be tolerated.

NB: Any person/s breaching conditions 2b or 2c above will be requested to leave immediately (regardless of whether this involves stopping an active broadcast).

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