Resonance Karamea 2016

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Re: Resonance Karamea 2016

All sounds fair and reasonable. The transfer from money in a bank account into manifestations of our collective vision is very exciting. The exploration of Maori culture through the women mentioned sounds worthy of exploring. Would be great to hear and discuss more on those potential exchanges.
Other possibilities are erosion protection work
Nursery establishment
More toys ( whatever is considered necessary to improving the quality and diversity of sound/music).

Once we have a clear breakdown of role/zones/layout etc, it may be worth each person responsible for an aspect of the festival leads a forum on that aspect and keeps it succinct and to the point. These streams are then open to all interested and can be cross referenced and will continually map the gathering and use of resources and ideas. Complimented with the KSM newsletter we could potentially create a very effective communication web. May still need to stick to random market cross meetings for the likes of Dion but what's said in the town centre spreads around faster than our internet connections anyhow.

May sound a little OTT for a bunch of way out rural mateys who generally can pull a party out of a hat with a couple of phone calls but the more effective the communication, the greater the sum of our collective input. Part of the reason we get together to put on a stand back in the middle of it all and nod and smile ( hugging of course for those comfortable with the action) and marvel at how it all came together.........

Nice one Gary ( v excited about mind maps..... sounds way cool!) :)

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