AHB Directors Call Meeting With Anti-1080 Groups

Submitted by Paul Murray on Wed, 03/12/2008 - 9:47pm

KAKA Press Release:
AHB Directors Call Meeting With Anti-1080 Groups; KAKA, KEA and WREN

AHB Chair John Dalziell and board members Bronwyn Monopoli, Ted Coats and Andrew Macpherson met with delegates from Karameans Advocating Kahurangi Action (KAKA), Kumara Environmental Action group (KEA) and Westland Regional Environmental Network (WREN) in Greymouth on Tuesday Dec. 2, 2008. The meeting was intitated by the AHB, with the particpants seeing it as a valuable opportunity to better inform the AHB Directors on community attitudes to, and converns about, the use of 1080 by the AHB on the Coast and to discuss the efficacy of the AHB's current Tb-eradication programmes.

Open and frank discussions were held on AHB/1080-related subjects like; waterway contamination, impact of the Tb eradication campaign on the tourism industry, human health concerns, impacts of aerial 1080 on non-target native fauna, the lack of community consultation by the AHB, the quality of the information being received by AHB decision makers from their staff and contractors. Other related isuues were also raised by delegates from the respective community groups. The AHB directors answered questions and offered explanations about its bovine Tb eradication programme and objectives. Unfortunately, they also stated their determination to continue with the aerial application of 1080.

Although the AHB Directors seemed to have severe difficulties in accepting community calls for the cessation of all aerial 1080 operations, KAKA and others remain hopeful that the AHB’s position on this issue can be changed. The broad-scale, indiscriminate use of aerial 1080 on the West Coast continues to be of serious concern to many Coasters and KAKA hopes the meeting will signal the beginning of collaborative efforts between the AHB and community groups toward the implementation of viable alternatives to aerial 1080. Alternatives that are environmentally and economically sustainable, effective, efficient and genuinely Clean/Green/100%Pure. So that West Coasters can promote their region as a tourist destination and their primary agricultural exports to the international market with confidence and pride.

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