AHB Meet with KAKA to Discusss 1080 Issues in Karamea

Submitted by Paul Murray on Wed, 03/12/2008 - 11:28pm

KAKA Press Release:
AHB Representatives Meet with KAKA to Discusss 1080 Issues in the Karamea Area

A delegation of KAKA committee members met with the AHB’s Communications Manager (Nick Hancox), National Disease Control Manager (Dr Garry Knowles) and their Canterbury Regional Coordinator Northern South Island (Danny Templeman) in Greymouth on 2 December, immediately prior to a meeting between AHB Board members and representatives from organised anti-1080 groups.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss the AHB’s response to a series of questions about AHB’s 1080 operations in the Karamea area, put by KAKA to the AHB through the Wellington legal practice Chen Palmer and Associates in July 2008, and related issues of concern to Karamea residents.

The AHB’s written response and verbal comments at the meeting are considered incomplete and inadequate by KAKA. However, we are hopeful that the meeting will lead to some positive outcomes in 2009 (including a more cooperative approach to addressing 1080 issues by the AHB).

KAKA has sought better, more detailed data and information from the AHB and the AHB’s representatives have pledged to provide it. Without it, KAKA and others in the Karamea area will be unable to gain a detailed understanding of the AHB’s 1080 programmes in the Karamea area. Nor will we be able to properly assess the programmes’ efficacy, environmental impact, economic efficiency and overall effectiveness.

In the absence of the necessary information neither KAKA nor others will be in a position to cooperate with the AHB in working towards the development of viable pest-specific control programmes as an alternative to aerial 1080 applications in the Karamea area. Alternatives that have better community involvement in the Tb eradication process, employ local people, and are acceptable to all stakeholders and the residents of Karamea who consider the continued use of aerial 1080 to be unacceptable.

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