What's Up DOC?

Submitted by Paul Murray on Fri, 04/07/2008 - 7:09am

KAKA Questions the Use of Dairy Levy Funds to Control DOC Pests

Why should diary farmers and ratepayers be funding pest-control programs that are clearly a DOC responsibility?

Karameans Advocating Kahurangi Action (KAKA) is a community group representing Karamea and West Coast residents concerned over the use of sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) on the West Coast by the Animal Health Board and the Department of Conservation. KAKA would like to know why dairy farmer levies and West Coast Regional Council ratepayer monies are being used to fund pest-control operations in the Kahurangi National Park and other DOC-controlled areas on the West Coast.

AHB-sponsored aerial 1080 programmes are largely conducted on land that is the responsibility of the Department of Conservation. It is well known that these operations kill introduced species that DOC wishes to control or eradicate for the benefit of native species. Also, the AHB frequently states that the control of TB infested possums on DOC lands (effectively DOC’s possums) are a central issue in their campaign to eradicate bovine Tb in West Coast dairy herds. Why then are dairy farmers and ratepayers funding 1080 operations on DOC lands. Surely, the control of pests on DOC lands should be the financial responsibility of DOC.

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